Most frequent questions and answers

Absolutely. With the reality of today’s current climate, it’s becoming more difficult for consumers to get out and visit your establishment. Ignoring marketing reduces access for your business to the media the majority of consumers are on at all hours of the day. Maven is here to help ease your busniess and put it at the forefront to everyone.

Websites that go a long period of time without updates often aren’t utilizing the space of digital marketing to interact with their consumers. Frequently updated websites allow consumers to see that a business is running and interested in their consumers. A static website becomes more of a brochure that leads to little or no leads. 

Of course. All of our websites will be structured to run on PC, mobile, and tablets. 

Search engine optimization (SEO) is the process of using onsite and offsite tactics to help get content presented by a search engine. Done well, the practice increases the quantity and quality of your traffic.

SEO is about understanding what people are searching for online, the answers they are seeking, the words they’re using, and the type of content they wish to consume. We want your business to check these boxes for the consumer. 

We’d hate to see you leave, but if you need to cancel services you can contact our support team at: support@mavenmgofficial.com