[2020] The Importance of Fully Responsive Web Design

September 9, 2020 | Maven Marketing Group

Why having a mobile responsive site is so important for your business.​

As we continue our brisk walk through the digital age we continually evolve our browsing practices. The way people utilize the world wide web has changed, and now most browsing is mainly done through personal electronic devices.

What does this mean for your Business?

Only having a desktop responsive website isn’t enough anymore. In order to properly communicate your brand competence and image, business owners MUST have a mobile responsive site. If action isn’t taken, it will cost your company thousands if not hundreds of thousands of dollars. Furthermore, web design is important because 79% of consumers say they’re more likely to share and revisit a mobile site if it is easy to use. [1] Your website acts as a validation tool for potential customers. The better their experience, the higher chance a potential customer will return as a paying client.

Advantages of fully “responsive” web design.

  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO) improvements
    • Google uses mobile-friendly sites as a ranking factor. Websites that are mobile responsive are ranked higher on google than ones that aren’t. 
  • Increased Brand Exposure
    • Mobile users account for about half of all web traffic on the internet. In 2020, mobile devices (excluding tablets) generated 51 percent of global website traffic. [2]. Having a mobile responsive site increases your digital reach by 50%, a metric not easily overlooked.
  • Improved User Experience
    • Fully responsive sites allows all users to access site menus, links, buttons, and forms seamlessly. A major indicator that your site is satisfying user needs is how long a particular person is spending on your site.

Having a fully responsive website cannot be attained without being optimized for mobile use first. However, Maven Marketing Group is one of many platforms that can fulfill your digital marketing needs by creating a mobile responsive site. There are no wrong questions when it comes to your customer’s digital experience. Overall, a fully optimized mobile website will increase your customer reach, which will result in more sales for your company.

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