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November 10, 2020 | Maven Marketing Group

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Who we are:

Maven Marketing Group is a Chicago based company working with other Chicago based companies to provide the best freelance digital marketing services in the world. Whether you’re looking to work with a personal website designer or a freelance digital marketing specialist, you’ll find us to be one of the top freelance digital marketing agencies Chicago has to offer.

What we offer:

Maven Marketing Group offers a number of different freelance digital marketing services. Our lead freelance digital marketing specialist ensures each client business is set up with their own personal website developer ensuring the best customer experience possible.

  • Website Design – A personal website designer is appointed to you to properly market your brand and likeness online
  • Social Media Marketing – One of our most sought after freelance digital marketing services.
  • Hosting & Maintenance – Your personal website developer ensures 99.9% uptime guaranteed and protection from all possible threats to your website.
  • SEO – Your business is appointed a freelance digital marketing specialist with the immediate promise to increase your presence on all search engines.

Why Maven:

Maven Marketing Group is not only one of the best freelance digital marketing agencies Chicago has to offer – businesses across the world work with us because of our worldwide reputation! Our diverse team offers years of experience in freelance digital marketing services and personal website design. We set ourselves apart from our competitors by offering freelance digital marketing services at a fair rate. Maven Marketing Group will transform your vision into creative results.

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